Confining Clothing - Group's public welcome page

Where do I find the yahoo-group Confining Clothing now? Is there a community talking about Confining Clothing? I was member of one of the yahoogroups - Confining Clothing - which doesn't exist any more, or does it?

If these are your questions you have reached the destination!
To do: Just create an account here on net4us (netz4uns) and you will see our group in the groups list. Ask to become member of the group.

But what is it all about?

We are writing, discussing, sharing and posting about:

stiletto heels, chopines, pencil skirts, hobble skirts, capes, close-fitting ponchos with or without armholes, corsets, stays, hoops, panniers, collars (thick, heavy, tall and/or stiff), helmets, “slave” bracelets, mittens, etc.

Some are as well interested in:

single gloves, straitjackets, sleeping sacks, mouth coverings, ballet shoes, mermaid fins, etc.

As always: Contributors (m/f/d) are most welcome, but consumers just liking content are welcome as well. So if these topics fit with your interest, just create your account and request to become member of this group. Be sure your account has some information to confirm your interest.

Spammers in contrast are not only banned immediately, but will be confined.

To be complete - this group is NOT about S&M, NOT about animals, NOT about education. But topics might involve pony play, measures for a good posture, or dressing in unusual materials. If unsure, just ask before posting.

One technical advice: Be sure to have "nobody at" whitelisted.